A unique Family Business

Passion, Nature and Quality, the leading business values

Phibio is more than a brand; it is a unique family business. Our history began with our father, a passionate biologist and naturopath, Salah Louhichi. His aim was to treat skin and beauty related issues with natural and botanical ingredients. 

Research, passion for nature, the power of naturel and organic ingredients led to unique formulas in beauty care. 

The cumulation of 40 years of botanical knowledge, research in cosmetics and phytotherapy will be taken to an other level.

The unique family business is ready to take on new challenges and thrive to make the impossible possible. Khaled, Rym, Nejma, Younes & Youssef are the new generation.  


And with the new generation, the adventure continues!  


Research, passion for nature and efficient natural ingredients led to unique formulas in beauty care. Niche beauty products uniquely based on botanical and essential oils are of highest quality standards. The ingredient selection as well as the production process are paramount for the success and the efficiency of our treatments. 

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All ingredients we use, are pure, certified organic, vegan and cruelty free. It has been our aim to create efficient treatments while avoiding chemicals, cheap substitutes or any other additives, which could create harm to the human body. 

Phibio is the first Swiss cosmetic brand proposing a unique scalp treatment for damaged hair, dry hair, against- dandruff and hair loss. 

Ecology and human health consciousness are driving our family values. We believe every woman and man must have the chance to be beautiful without risking ones long-term health.        

Nowadays, efficiency of vegan and essential oils on beauty and mood are widely accepted. We made the decision to offer you premium products, based on high quality ingredients, indepth research and this for the best visible results. 



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