The history of phibio goes back to the late 1970s, when a young German beautician started to develop her own natural beauty products due to scarcity of resources in Tunisia at that time. Salah Louhichi, a biologist and naturopath, teamed up with her and added his experience along with a farm he had been developing since he was young. This combination of efforts saw MD Naturkosmetik enjoy great success in Tunisia, where its products are widely used and greatly appreciated. Currently, the youngest son, Youssef Louhichi, is continuing the adventure.

Phibio Switzerland was created as an extension of the idea of joining forces. Our aim is to provide best quality natural products, combined with state of the art technology and scientific knowledge.

Khaled Louhichi and Dr Marcin Brynda decided to combine their respective expertise to take cosmetic production to a new level, carrying on the ideas and passion of Salah Louhichi.

In 2014, Louhichi Salah, Louhichi Khaled and Dr Marcin Brynda have set up phibio in Geneva, Switzerland. The company’s aim is to continue product development with Swiss quality standards and using organic ingredients. With this in mind, phibio is entering a partnership with Saponlabs, a cosmetic research laboratory in Warsaw, Poland, led by Prof. Kamil Wojciechowski, and will seek further partnerships to continue developing its knowledge base.