Research & Development

  • Two research angles: going back to ancient recipes and combining them with new extraction technologies
  • Studying the active substances of our natural ingredients, as well as different combinations of them
  • Using external industry specialists for audit and consulting purposes
  • Scientific input from consultants and industry experts
  • Combining natural ingredients with state of the art industry knowledge
  • Continued screening and research for new ways to extract the most active substances from herbs and fruits.
  • Teaming up with other specialist laboratories in areas where we have complementary expertise.

We focus on methods that extract the active substances in an optimal way and replace, where possible, the chemical components with natural substitutes. Depending on the type of product, this can be 100% effective. In some cases regulations and conservation characteristics do not allow it. In these cases it is our aim to use our own resources and to work with different research teams and laboratories to develop state of the art substitutes that can be used in our products.