The unicity of Phibio

Natural & organic ingredients

Phibio is the first cosmetic Swiss brand with products using only certified organic ingredients, vegan and not tested on animals. We blend pure essentials oils from plants and flowers and created unique beauty formulations.

For us it is paramount to avoid the use of dangerous substances such as Sodium Laureth Sulphate, petrochemicals additives and chemical preservatives, as they have a harmful impact for human health and balance .

The essential oils we use are suitable for all type of skin and hair. Our beauty products help to repair damage caused by the regular use of traditional cosmetics. They act as a treatment and allow a rebalancing of the natural secretion of skin and scalp. The result is amazing and visible as of your first use.

The Phibio products are all with 100% certified organic ingredients by the soil association and vegan by peta.

No petrochemicals additives

All our products are free of SLS, Silicone, paraben and other petrochemicals additives or preservatives. Our products are pure, made solely of natural and organic ingredients without adding any chemical perfumes.

This is the power of pure oils!

Protecting wildlife and biodiversity

Phibio aims to use biodegradable ingredients and minimal packaging with maximum recycled content to protect wildlife and biodiversity.

As we are careful about the impact we make on our natural environment as well as on animals, we make sure that our ingredients are  100% organic, vegan and not tested on animals.

The innovative power of research

Nature is the source of power. Our products are the result of advanced research, innovative scientific technologies as well as long term experience within the field of botanic and natural remedies.

Every formulation is unique and unleashes the power of nature for a maximum impact on human beauty.

A swiss brand

Our focus is to produce highest quality beauty products in line with our believe to put sustainability as a guideline.  We see Phibio as the modern Swissness brand!